Thursday, December 29, 2011

Testing, testing. I'm not sure if it's working or not. Nothing is popping up.

Hold on, let me see it.

Yeah, it is. Look.

Oh. Okay. How do I tell which one of us is the one talking? Will it choose a different font or something?

I programmed it to bold and underline the dialogue of the second person that talks.

What if someone else starts talking?

It should pick from other fonts, depending on how many people are talking and if your blog has them.

All right. Thanks.

No problem.

And I can have it send automatically, right?

Umm, I'm not sure I've got that working yet. I'll let you know?

Okay, thanks. I appreciate this.

Again, no problem. If you want, you can send it to the blog right now to make sure it goes through.


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