Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The hobo's been on here.

I was able to borrow someone else's computer to see this other post I was told about. I was able to read it, and I'm pretty sure the point of view is from that hobo I saw at the house. Except, now I'm not sure if he's just a hobo any more.

I'm thinking that maybe he's that 'amiwhereallcry' asshole who has been writing the anonymous comments. I know he's been on here before, so who says he couldn't have gotten on again and put that 'WE ARE THE DEAD' post up?

That's not my only major concern right now, though. First and foremost, I know that the Pale Bastard has now noticed me. Or, it noticed me noticing it. I haven't seen him since that night, but I'm going to keep an eye out. I have an old camera that Charlie gave me for Christmas, so I'm wondering if I should use that to record my room at night.

The reason I want to do that is because I've seen those videos on YouTube where that thing shows up, or you assume it's him, and then someone just disappears, or they start sleepwalking. So, yeah - I want to prevent that if I can. The only problem with an old camera is that I won't be able to upload any footage I get. Bummer, right?

Also, I remember reading about this in a book, but you can place a stack of cans (or something like that) near your door, and when someone tries to enter it, they knock over and create a loud sound. I'm probably going to do that, just in case it decides to creep through my door like he did in that Marble Hornets video.

Finally, I'm getting some sleep medication if I can so I won't have any of those weird dreams. It's a bad sign that they keep reoccurring, in my opinion.

So, that's the plan for the next few nights. If anyone else has any advise they can give me, please post in the comments. I need all the help I can get right now. I know I was an asshole before, but that's no real reason to let me be Tall Guy's snack, is it?

I think I'm going to start tagging these posts in order to catch the attention of people looking for blogs like this. I might be able to find someone who can help through that.

I hope.

- Arthur Pierce

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