Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Life and a Message to My Followers

Do you know how hard it is to find something good on television nowadays? I mean, take a moment and think long about when stuff on television was actually good. Done? Now what do you see? Because I see the same fucking crap I see everywhere else. There’s a multitude of these horseshit reality shows that you know aren’t real because of how fake the acting is. And then, we have shows like Jersey Shore that are just fucking stupid to begin with – and yet, we have teenagers idolizing these idiots. Great job, America!

And then there’s the third category that infests the media today – teenage drama. Wow. Don’t get me wrong, whoever came up with the concept is probably living in Beverly Hills in a threeway with two of the world’s top models because of all the cash they’re making. But, wow, this drama shit is so… ugh, no words can describe it. To put it mildly, it’s stupid. All of it. The teenage drama portrayed on these shows is nothing like in real life; all I see is some dumb blonde going “WHY DOESN’T HE LOVE ME?” or some macho idiot going “Ohhh, this guy is staring at me funny. I’m going to beat him up!” It’s like the same stereotypes in horror movies, except there’s no crazy guy in a mask that’s going to hack ‘em up (which left me a little depressed, I’ll admit).

If you’re asking yourself “Oh, why is Art watching these shitty shows?” well, it’s because my damn parents are fighting again and I don’t want to deal with their bullshit right now. Of course, it doesn’t help that they’re constantly interrupting me to try and get me on their side – oh, no, it doesn’t fucking help at all. From what I gather, mom thinks dad cheated on her, so that’s got her angry at him. She doesn’t have much evidence, though; the only suspicious thing she’s got is that dad was gone a weekend or so ago for a landscaping conference or something like that, but when she called his workplace he wasn’t there. My dad can’t seem to think of anything to prove he was anywhere else.

So, yeah. A whole lot of shit going on at my house.

Well, just so you don’t pity me so much, I didn’t spend all day watching teenage drama and reality shows. I was initially going to put up another post on here for some more of my infamous writing examples (harhar), but then I noticed I had gained a new follower. Oh, but get this: It’s another fucking Slender Man guy. Where the hell are these guys coming from?

Not only that, but this new guy – Iscariot Archangel or whatever – apparently worships the Slender Man, calling him ‘The Tall One’ and ‘He Who Is’. What the fuck, man? First off, Slender Man’s an Internet myth, meaning he’s not real, dumbass. Second, nice originality, buddy. You deserve a damn medal for those names. No, really.

Anyways, I made it though his first post before I clicked out of it. It was some really weird stuff… Mostly about serving his ‘Master’. At least the other guy’s blog was morbidly entertaining. Hm… Now that I think about it, maybe these kooks don’t think Slender Man is real at all. Heh, probably just some sort of writing game or something that they’re doing for a part of a forum community. I’ve seen it before, and even watched some great works of fiction come out of it. If they don’t think it’s real, well, then kudos to you two for writing some pretty weird horror stuff.

Iscariot was also following some other weird shit that has to do with Slender Man, so I’m thinking that this is just some big game for these people. Though, they didn’t even do their damn research. There was this one ‘detective’ called Strahm who was giving out details on a case (or that’s what I gather from his posts in his latest blog). Talk about unprofessional, huh?

Still, most of them are pretty interesting. I’m going to look into this more; maybe I’ll get some inspiration from them.

Until next time!

- Arthur Pierce


  1. Oh, please do not let me bother you, dear sir. It is occasionally nice to get away from the madness that is the Slender community and read something different. So sorry you did not enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere. Oh well, it is not for everyone, I suppose.

    And really, watching television is not good for one's intelligence nor one's sanity. Might I suggest some nice music to take your mind off of things? On such occasions I find that a little Mozart or Strauss can do one much good.


  2. Huh. You actually seem like a nice guy now.

    Well, I apologize. I'm one of those people that tends to rant at someone when I'm in a bad mood, and I'm sure you can tell what kind of mood I'm in right now. So, yeah. Sorry. The same goes to you, too, Inherit.

    Anyways, if you're telling the truth about enjoying things outside of the... Slender Community... well, I hope you like what I've put up so far. And thanks, I'll take Mozart and Strauss into consideration.


  4. ...

    You must think you're really fucking funny, don't you?