Saturday, July 30, 2011

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It’s come to my attention (albeit not recently) that the entertainment industry is dying. All I see is the same trash coming out, year after year. Movies, books, shows, I don’t care which. They all come from people who have no idea what they’re writing about.
Oh, you want an example, do you? Okay.
In Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, the main character, Bella Swan, is suffering from ‘depression’ because her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, broke up with her (Woops, I should have said spoilers, shouldn’t I- FUCK YOU, THEY ALREADY RUINED IT IN THE TRAILER FOR THE MOVIE). Except… Meyer has absolutely no idea what depression really is, does she? Anyone reading this book (which I do not recommend, unless you want to see what NOT to do when it comes to writing) that’s suffered from depression could very well be insulted by how it’s presented – actually, no, how it’s glorified. Really, Bella tries to get an adrenaline high by putting herself in dangerous situations and even trying to commit suicide near the end of the novel! Why? Because she needs to hear her ex-boyfriend’s voice in her head.
Okay. I’m probably only using that as an example because I’ve been reading this guy’s chapter-by-chapter review of the Twilight series. He’s hilarious, yes, but also brings up some good points about the series overall.
Anyways, I also went to the movies the other day, and what I saw there kind of pissed me off, too. No, it wasn’t Deathly Hallows I saw (I’m still waiting on the review to pop up, though blogger is still being a bitch about it), but the wonderful Crazy, Stupid, Love. While I liked the movie, I didn’t like the coming attractions. Wait. I MEAN ADS. FUCKING ADVERTISEMENTS EVERYWHERE.
They’re the same stuff I see every time I go to the movies, which isn’t a lot. Very rarely can I go since tickets are so expensive nowadays (but that’s another issue I won’t go into). But really, I don’t go to the movies to be fed bullshit while I want to watch a movie. There was seventeen minute’s worth of advertisements before the ACTUAL PREVIEWS APPEARED. REALLY? REALLY?
And then those same previews took another six minutes showing these SHITTY MOVIES THAT NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT. WHY ARE YOU SHOWING PREVIEWS FOR A KID’S MOVIE IN A PG-13 MOVIE?
Ahem. Sorry, my CAPS lock got stuck.
Okay, I am not going to bore you with meaningless drivel that, no doubt, other bloggers have ranted about. Instead, I’ll talk about my week! Yay, everyone wants to hear about my week! Heehee!
So, I’ve begun work on a short story about… well, I don’t think I’ll give it away right now, but it’s inspired by those Slender Man stories I found, so a few of you might like it. If you all want me to, I’ll put it up on here before I submit it to this writing magazine that’s holding this competition. I don’t know, it seemed interesting and I feel as if my writer’s block is being lifted a little. Maybe Charlie was write in that this blog is helping me (get it? LAME PUNS! HAHAHAHA!).
Okay. Now for some serious stuff!
Sarah’s dad is still in the hospital, but he should be allowed to leave in a few days. He hasn’t been able to talk about what happened to him because he doesn’t remember any of it, which is leading some people (me included) that he was drunk at the time the injuries occurred. Sarah told me before that he used to drink a lot… Though, you think that he would have remembered something, eh?
My imagination went to work when I heard first, though. My immediate thought was that Slender Man had attacked him! It all makes sense! Loss of memory, gone for a few weeks, and having injuries that he doesn’t know how he received! Haha… I amuse myself. If Slender Man was real, I doubt he’d be stalking Sarah’s dad.
You know, a thought just occurred to me. Slender Man reminds me of those dumb chainmail comments you find on YouTube or message boards. You know what I’m talking about, right? The “POST THIS COMMENT TO FIVE OTHER VIDEOS OR ELSE THE CRAPPER GHOST WILL HAUNT YOU!” stuff? Well, think about it. According to these stories, the people who find out about Slender Man are suddenly stalked by him, right? Think of how perfect that’d be for a chainmail comment, then? I mean, it wouldn’t really save you by posting the message on several other videos or threads, but it’d be a convenient way of spreading the knowledge of Slender Man by saying “SLENDY IS COMING FOR YOU!”

Just something to think about, I suppose.
My imagination has been doing more things than blaming Sarah’s dad’s injuries on Slender Man, though. Ever since I’ve watched those videos on YouTube, I’ve been creeped out. I just feel like if I look through a window at night, I’ll be seeing the Faceless Asshole staring (if he can stare? He doesn’t have any eyes…) back at me. I know, I know, I’m just being paranoid. But still, those videos are unnerving when you get right down to it. One of them even has the thing going through a doorway – but first it has to bend down just to get through it. I swear, if I woke up one night and saw something like that coming into my bedroom, I’d need a new change of sheets. I don’t know how this guy, Alex, isn’t shitting his pants every ten minutes.
Well, maybe he has, actually. We don’t see it appear on camera, and I daresay that Alex shitting his pants would be a rather horrible video. Blegh… BAD THOUGHTS.
Damn it. I keep going off-topic while talking about Slender Man. SEE? This is what this shit does to you! I don’t want to create a super-long post, so I guess I’ll just stop here. Sorry, people.
Until next time!
-          Arthur Pierce

P.S. Looks like I’ve gained some new followers. Hi! 

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