Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey, everyone. This will be a smaller post compared to my previous two entries.
Yes, breathe a sigh of relief because you don’t have to read a block of text.
Anyways, the little hiking trip I was supposed to go on today was cancelled because of rain. I’m relieved that we didn’t have to go, but I think Charlie was disappointed – probably because he couldn’t look for filming locations, haha. When I asked Sarah if she wanted to go hiking with us, she accepted, but because of the rain she just stayed home. I feel bad… I might try and hang out with her this week. I don’t think she needs to be alone right now.
Anyways, all we did was hang out at Charlie’s place for most of the day. Chelsey (that’s his girlfriend, by the way) came over around noon and we all went out to eat at one of the local burger joints in town. Strangely, I don’t feel like the third wheel when I’m around those two, possibly because Chelsey actually pays attention to me rather than focusing on Charlie the entire time (which a lot of girls I know do that).
After the burger joint, we went to the mall and pretty much walked around the entire time. We stopped at Gamestop a little ways in so that Charlie could get some information on Halo 4. Chelsey didn’t mind; she knows we’re nerds and approves. While I was looking at games, I was thinking about getting this survival horror game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I’ve read about it somewhere and it sounded really awesome, but I’m not sure if my computer would be able to handle it (seriously, why do all the great games have to be on the PC? Ugh). If anyone reading this has played it, what do you think? Should I get it?
Well, after the mall we went back to Charlie’s place, doing pretty much nothing except watching the first Saw. I was going to play around on Charlie’s laptop, since he has this awesome program called GIMP on it, but he said he was busy with it. I think he was looking at some other blogs on here, because it had the same format as mine (though it was gray) and had a title that was about trails, or something like that. Maybe Charlie really is getting into hiking if he’s looking up blogs on it. I really hope not, though, because if I know Charlie, he’ll drag me into it.
Damn it, this looks a lot longer than I expected it to be. Sorry, sometimes I just get carried away. Well, maybe that’s normal for a writer, now that I think about it.
Until next time!
-          Arthur Pierce

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