Friday, August 3, 2012

Going Back, Part 2

Okay. Time for some honesty. I've put this off for the past week not because I haven't had an Internet connection, but because I don't like to think about what went on in that house. I just hate the damn idea of going back there, even in my head. I don't even know why I'm doing it now; maybe it's this compulsion thing I've heard about, where I need to write about what happened. Maybe I just need someone else to know.

... But who the Hell is going to listen, anyway? Heh...

I waited outside the house until dark because, well, if someone had been in it when it was daylight out they would have seen me coming. I was hoping for an element of surprise, and... well, I got it.

I approached the house about thirty minutes after sundown. No lights on inside, nothing to tell if someone was in there. Didn't like that at all, but whatever. Went in through the back door, into some sort of kitchen. The place looked kind of nice for an abandoned house, actually. The floors were a bit dusty and some of the cabinets had fallen off, but it wasn't like what you'd expect the inside of a house like that to look like. Not... falling apart, I guess.

Did a quick sweep of the house and didn't find anything at first. Not a sleeping bag, a backpack, nothing. I thought that maybe I was wrong, maybe amiwhereallcry/the hobo was somewhere else. But lo and behold, I was wrong: There was a door in the living room (I guess that's what it was) that I had overlooked during my initial look-through, with stairs leading down into what I thought was a basement. After a few minutes of hesitation, I went down.


It wasn't a basement.

I don't know what happened, I just don't fucking know I somehow ended up there and fuck I really don't want to talk about it.

The stairs were... normal. What you'd expect. But when I reached the bottom... It was like I had stepped into another place. I don't know if that's what happened. I don't know I don't fuck if I know.

It was some sort of den, like an animal's. Nothing you'd expect a human to build. a;BLGFKBS

How do I fucking describe it to you all? I

damn it

there were bodies on the walls, but they're fucking staring and blinking and still fucking alive


kids bodies among the rest.. fucking hell... some even looked familiar to me, oh hell did i do that??

frozen exrpessions of pain and terero


I can't say another word about it. No. Not about them. No, I fucking won't. You can't make me talk about them.

There were... passageways in the walls, going a long way away. Some were in the ceiling... but I dont know how they could be up there because its a fucking basement how the fuck do passageways go into the damn ceiling. And there were bodies along the sides oh you thought about it aigain you idiotr


Holding myself together. Tell the facts. Don't let emotion get in the way. Don't let it control you.



We're ok? Good.

Followed one of the passageways, following a noise a noise that was like a shrill sound that you get when pressing a mic to a speaker or something like that. Hard to follow, hard to concentrate. Smelled so bad. stench of death is real and down there its turned up, i Swear. Keep my eyes on the subject, don't look at the walls, thats what i Told myself, you know/ but had to crawl through a tunnel and there were things on the floor og nonon




I found the noise. I don't know what was making it, but the source of it came to a sort of chamber area... And... i watched for a few moments. couldnt take my eyes of f them. there were people there, all wearng different things. not like a cult where they wear robes. just different attire. The y were all staring at different things too but I don't think they saw my. I recongized one immediately though, tthe painted hobo but without the paint and

it was Charlie

I knew he'd been it the whole time but without confirmation i didn't know and i started to hate him and oh no it was never his fault he just wanted to have a fucking normal life you bastard

I walked up to im

none of the others stared at me but him, he knew who i was the minute he saw me.

But he was like the bodies he couldnt move and his whole face was contorted and shit and he kept repeating the same thing over and over.

i couldnty leave him there, to just dwell there until that fucking thing sent him out to kidnap others to place them on the walls until he became one himself. hes my friend.

but his mind is gone, dont you see? the thing that fucking thing the thing with the eyes it broke his mind. not a proxy, a gatherer a fucking ant is what charlie was.

thats what we all are to them, we're bugs just sent to do things before being stepped on

charlie had a knife n his beltt

i killed him oh please forgive me i killed him because there was nothing to do


do you blame me? I couldnt let it continue. not for what they were doing. if i stop one, maybe i could stop the Entire thing. Maybe i don't know but we can't save them.

the sound stopped, and that thing crawled out of the floor claws and all. i couldnt stop it, i know, i'm just a human but fuck that thing ill take it out yeah take some you son of a bitch

stabbed it right in its eye

and then nothing.


Woke up a little while later in the house. Door to the "basement" was still there, but no way in hell was I going back down there. I took off. Took off fast. Didnt stopp running until i gbot to town.

i needed some comfort, so i stayed in a cheap motel.

And here I've been, most of my cash depleted because I don't ever want to stay on the road again. But I have to soon.

I know it wasn't a dream. I still have the marks the thing gave me, one right along the arm. Not too deep, but it's not healing correctly. I don't think I killed it, either, and if I did then something else will take its place. But I hit it. "If it bleeds, we can kill it"

One monster down (I hope), and one monster coming to get me. And soon, too. I've been looking through Charlie's research on Farstrider, and I'm going to keep reading through it to see if it can be killed. I'm not optimistic about it, though.

Thinking about making a new blog soon. I don't want to be on this one anymore, not after hearing what Charlie said. This would serve as too much of a reminder of what went on.

I didn't tell you, did i. but why would you want to hear it damn it you brought me back there to that place.

he kept repeating the same thing over and over.

"I am where all cry."

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