Friday, September 23, 2011

It's my fault.

I thought that, if I put other people in the way of Him, then it'd be fine. Totally fine, even. I started warning people about Him, even going so far as to warn the families of the disappearing kids that their children had been kidnapped by an abomination from wherever the Hell He comes from. But I was wrong; I was so fucking wrong, and there's nothing I can do to bring any of them back. I thought that if a lot of people saw Him, then he couldn't take all of us. But I was so wrong...

It wasn't the Slender Man that had kidnapped the children in the first place. It was just a regular guy - not a proxy, either. He was just a sick and twisted fuck who liked to play around with kids a bit too much. They finally caught him a few days ago after they got a match from a partial fingerprint found at one of the families' houses a few months back.

So many people were interested in what I had to say. I think most didn't believe me, but some did. Some thought that He might be real, and that belief spread. And then, one by one, they've been picked off by that thing. And what's worse is that with every disappearance, two more start to believe in Him. I fear that soon my little town will have its population halved.

I'm still looking for Charlie, but I've come to believe that he might be dead. I read an account from a father who said that his daughter was literally erased from existence, and unless I'm crazy, I think Charlie had the same thing happen to him. I'm not really surprised that Charlie knew of Him, since Charlie was always interested in that kind of stuff... When I think back to the last couple of times I saw him, I feel a little guilty. I should have known something was wrong. Why did I not see it? He even had books about that thing!

Well, okay... a book. I was looking over some of my past posts and found that I had referenced it. That Walking Willow thing I mentioned a while back is apparently some sort of... documentation or something of the Slender Man. Makes sense when you look at the title, eh? I'm betting that's what brought upon His 'wrath'. I can't find the book Charlie bought, so I'll have to keep looking for any other information online about it.

As far as this proxy that has been following me... I'm not so sure it is a proxy any more. From what I've read, these assholes usually like to try and kill their targets; the hobo seems more interested in protecting me. For instance, he was there first at the abandoned house and I vaguely remember feeling a little bit safer knowing that I wasn't alone with that thing. And then, he pulled me out of my own house while it burnt down. And if he is my online stalker, well, he's made it clear from the beginning that I should stop while I can (which we all know isn't going to be possible now).

I'm trying to come up with a plan, but I'm too distracted. I am starting to think that nowhere is safe. It's only a matter of time until the real proxies come, isn't it? Heh...

Oh, one last thing. This may be due to my lack of sleep, but... these fucking whispers. I keep hearing them at night. I don't know if I'm dreaming or not, but the whispers sound pretty real. Are the whispers His way of talking or something? If it is, fuck off, Slendy. I'm trying to get some sleep.

Until next time.

- Art

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